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L1/L2 Asset Status

OperationFunction Call

L1 Asset Unstake to L1

UnstakeMethodL1ToL1 UnstakeMethod = "L1_TO_L1"

L1 Asset Unstake to L2

UnstakeMethodL1ToL1 UnstakeMethod = "L1_TO_L2"

L2 Asset Unstake to L2

UnstakeMethodL1ToL1 UnstakeMethod = "L2_TO_L2"

Unstaking Status Description


Click Pay Gas/Cancel

Unstake application submitted, awaiting payment of Gas fee or cancellation of redemption.

Pending Gas Transfer

Gas has already been paid, awaiting confirmation of Gas payment.

Pending Review

Gas payment has been confirmed, awaiting review for distribution.

Pending Transferring

Review approved, unstaking asset transaction is in the process.


Unstaking completed.


Operation failed.

Unstaking Process

Pay Gas/Cancel -> Pending Gas Transfer -> Pending Review -> Pending Transferring -> Completed

Awaiting Gas Payment -> Awaiting confirmation of gas payment -> Awaiting review for asset unstaking -> Review approved! Unstaking is processing. -> Unstaking completed

Frontend Erro Popup Messages

  1. Simulate user operation failed: AA21 didn't pay prefund

    Gas payment error(may resulted from insufficient balance in the wallet to pay for the gas fee), please try again later.

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