M-Points Rewards and Team Rules

Merlin Chain takes snapshots of the assets locked by users every hour, calculating the average value for the day in terms of Bitcoin valuation, and then converting it to the equivalent M-Points. Finally, the result is rounded down to the nearest integer.

Suppose:Vt=Total value of staked assets in the t-th hour (in Bitcoin)M=Total value of staked assets for the day (in Bitcoin)P=M-Points that users will receive the next day\begin{align*} Suppose:\\ V_t &= \text{Total value of staked assets in the } t \text{-th hour (in Bitcoin)} \\ M &= \text{Total value of staked assets for the day (in Bitcoin)} \\ P &= \text{M-Points that users will receive the next day} \end{align*}

Then the M-Points in next day is:

P=floor[(1/24)t=124Vt×10,000]\begin{align*} P = floor[(1/24) ∑_{t=1}^{24} V_t × 10,000] \end{align*}


  • Amount of $ORDI Staked: 10

  • Snapshot Price of $ORDI: $60

  • Snapshot Price of Bitcoin: $40,000

The total value of the staked assets is calculated as:

Total Value of Staked Assets=10×6040,000=0.015 BTCTotal \ Value \ of \ Staked \ Assets = \frac{10 \times 60}{40,000} = 0.015 \text{ BTC}

Therefore, the user will receive:

0.015×10,000=150 M-Points0.015 \times 10,000 = 150 \text{ M-Points}


After staking, users can choose to become a team leader or join an existing team. Team leaders have the privilege of inviting team members.

When the total staked value of the team reaches a certain amount, the leader and team members will receive the following M-Points bonus:

  • 1 $BTC: Leader +0.1%, Member +0.05%

  • 5 $BTC: Leader +0.2%, Member +0.1%

  • 10 $BTC: Leader +0.4%, Member +0.2%

  • 50 $BTC: Leader +0.8%, Member +0.4%

  • 100 $BTC: Leader +1.2%, Member +0.6%

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