• Step 1: Navigate to Merlin Chain official Bridge

  • Step 2: Switch the network to Merlin ➡️ Bitcoin

  • Step 3: Connect your wallet, and switch the Asset to the NFT you want to unlock, each operation could only select up to 10 NFTs.

  • Step 4: Confirm your wallet address, click on 「Bridge」 to proceed

    • Note: You need to reserve gas fee in Merlin Layer2 address, it is recommended to reserve about 0.0005 BTC.

    • In addition, the fee for a single Bridge operation is 0.00008 BTC/NFT

  • Step 5: After the operation is successful, you will receive a prompt on the front end. Currently, to ensure asset safety, the full unlock time for NFT unstaking is 7 days. Please be patient.

Unstaking Failure

The main reason for the current failure of NFT bridging is insufficient balance in the wallet to cover all transaction fees.

Total transaction fee = Bridging fee (0.00008 BTC) * Number of NFTs to be bridged + On-chain gas

Although the wallet balance appears to be sufficient when clicking on Bridge to assess the bridging fee, the on-chain gas is always fluctuating (especially when all users are bridging simultaneously, causing gas prices to rise). Therefore, after deducting real-time gas from the balance during contract invocation, the remaining tokens in the wallet may not be adequate to cover the total bridging fee (0.00008 BTC * the number of NFTs). Consequently, this results in contract failure, leading to failures in bridging after several days of attempted bridging.

This situation only deducts on-chain interaction gas, and the bridging fee is not deducted.


  1. It is recommended to remain more balance to prevent bridging failure after waiting for several days.

  2. It's best to bridge out during off-peak hours to avoid high gas periods as much as possible.

  3. In the case of bridging failure, it's still recommended to reserve more BTC and try again.

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