User Quick Start

Welcome to the User Quick Start guide for Merlin Chain! This document is designed to help you efficiently get started with the important concepts and core operations on Merlin Chain. Our focus will be on the essential "How to" steps, enabling you to navigate and utilize the Merlin Chain with ease.

How to

The core of this guide focuses on the practical steps you need to take to start using Merlin Chain effectively. Here are the key activities you will learn about:

  • Wallet: Setting up and managing your AA Wallet to interact with Merlin Chain.

  • MERL: Acquiring and utilizing the native token of Merlin Chain, MERL.

  • M-Token: Understanding and managing various tokens within the Merlin Chain ecosystem.

  • Staking and Unstaking: How to participate in staking activities to earn rewards and how to unstake when necessary.

  • Bridge: Utilizing the bridge functionality to transfer assets between Merlin Chain and other blockchain networks.

These sections will provide you with detailed, step-by-step instructions to ensure you can perform these operations confidently.

Step-by-step Video Tutorial

For a visual walkthrough, please check out our comprehensive YouTube Tutorial that complements this written guide. The tutorial will guide you through the setup and usage processes, making it even easier to get started.

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