User Scenarios and Playbook

User Scenarios

  • Experience Eco Projects: M-Token will be used to experience Merlin Eco products and interact with ecological protocols on Merlin Chain, improving asset utilization and witnessing Eco development. For example, M-Token can

  • Trading: M-Token can be seen as the native token of the Merlin Chain ecosystem, and holders can directly trade it. Additionally, external new users who want to participate in experiencing Merlin ecosystem dApps will directly exchange their original assets with M-Token holders.

    • Note: selling M-Token on the market to redeem the original assets will incur a certain discount, and the exchange rate will be determined entirely by the market.

Core Playbook

  1. Staking: Users cross-chain their assets to Merlin Chain via the official cross-chain bridge of Merlin Chain. The accessed assets will be automatically stored in an MPC wallet managed by professional partners such as Cobo and locked.

  2. Claiming: Based on the locked asset category, users choose to claim M-Token, and will automatically receive corresponding mapping assets on Merlin Chain.

  3. Experience or Trade: Dispose of M-Token on your own, which can be used for Eco projects interaction or direct trading.

  4. Points: Participate in Merlin's Seal staking to earn M-points rewards. Even if choosing to sell M-Token, the staking rewards will not be deducted. These points can be redeemed for Merlin Chain token MERL.

  5. Redemption: As the proof of staking itself, M-Token will be used to redeem the original assets after the original asset staking pool is unlocked in April of this year.

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