Staking: Merlin’s Seal (Already Concluded)

On February 8, 2024, Merlin Chain announced the launch of the staking rewards event, Merlin's Seal. Users can earn M points by staking assets and receive a series of cumulative rewards.

Staking Rewards

  1. 20% of Total MERL Supply: 20% of the total supply of Merlin Chain's governance token, MERL, is allocated for distribution to early users who participate in Merlin’s Seal asset staking. This is the highest proportion of staking rewards relative to total supply among all Layer2 projects.

  2. ETH Staking Returns: Users who stake ETH through the StakeStone event can earn native staking returns.

  3. Liquidity Incentives: Users who stake tokens and provide liquidity for MerlinSwap will receive additional incentives in the form of airdropped MerlinSwap tokens (MP).

  4. DeFi Yields: M-BTC, exchanged by staking Layer1 assets, can interact with Merlin Eco projects and partners such as Solv Protocol, Avalon Finance, Mage Finance, Babylon, and StakeStone to earn additional staking returns.

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