Two-Step ZKP Submission Mechanism

Merlin Chain will adopt the two-step Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) submission mechanism proposed by Lumoz to achieve decentralized Proof of Work (PoW):

  1. Hash Submission

    • The prover generates a ZKP for a specific sequence and first calculates the hash of the proof/address.

    • This hash, along with the prover's address, is submitted to a chain-level smart contract.

    • The proof represents the ZKP of the sequence, while the address identifies the prover.

    • Initial hash submissions by provers are unrestricted and are processed and accepted within the following T+10 blocks. After the T+11 block, new provers are not allowed to submit additional hashes.

  2. ZKP Submission

    • After the T+11 block, any prover can submit the complete ZKP.

    • A verified ZKP can be used to validate all previously submitted hashes.

    • Provers will receive PoW rewards based on their staked proportion.

This mechanism effectively incentivizes miners to remain online, ensuring a stable computational environment, further enhancing the network's security and reliability:

  • Prevents Race Attacks: Prevents malicious participants from attempting to disrupt or damage the system by quickly submitting a large number of proofs.

  • Encourages Stable Participation: Rewards incentivize miners to provide stable and continuous ZKP computation power, enhancing the network's security and reliability.

  • Ensures System Efficiency: Ensures efficiency and fairness, avoiding resource wastage and network congestion, while improving overall system performance and stability.

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