Gas Token

Merlin Chain uses native BTC as Gas Token to pay transaction cost. However, BTC has 18 decimals, which is different from the 8-digit precision of BTC on Bitcoin. This is to maintain consistency with the default decimal of tokens of EVM-compatible chains.

How to Get Gas Token

  • Testnet: Please join our Discord server to get the Testnet gas.

  • Mainnet: Please bridge in BTC as Gas via Merlin official Bridge or swap some BTC as gas via Meson.

Gas Price

  • The minimum allowable Gas Price for nodes on Merlin Chain is 0.05 Gwei (0.00000000005 BTC). Transactions with a Gas Price below 0.05 Gwei will be automatically rejected.

  • In most cases, users can simply use the Gas Price recommended by their wallet. If a higher transaction processing priority is desired, users can increase the Gas Price accordingly. However, during periods of severe network congestion, increasing the Gas Price does not necessarily guarantee that the transaction will be executed more quickly.

Gas Limit

Merlin Chain imposes a maximum Gas Limit of 30 million per transaction. However, whether a transaction can be successfully executed on Merlin Chain depends not only on the Gas Limit but also on zkCounters.

Merlin Chain nodes run zkEVM instead of the native Ethereum EVM. Each virtual machine instruction execution requires generating a corresponding ZK proof. The generation of ZK proofs consumes significant computational resources. zkCounters measure the zk resources consumed by a transaction.

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