Intro about BRC-420

BRC-420 is a fun experiment that defines more complex asset formats through recursion, such as game items, animations and effects, or gameplay modules in metaverses. These formats will be fully open-source, allowing anyone to create their own "metaverse inscriptions." In later chapters, we will showcase 2D, 3D, and other inscription formats, and ensure that more gaming platforms and game engines can support them.

Additionally, BRC-420 establishes a binding relationship between usage rights and royalties on the basis of a single inscription. When you own an inscription, you can distribute its usage rights and set a price for them. "Usage rights" can be understood as the permission for other users to use your music, models, scripts, gameplay, etc., in Ordinals Space. It can also be interpreted as purchasing certain privileges, such as joining your organization or club.

BRC-420 opens up possibilities for Ordinals' On-chain Gaming and Modular Blockchain. Different creators can contribute different modules, and new creators can innovate upon the innovations of their predecessors. This leads to a surge of various innovations within the Ordinals ecosystem, benefiting everyone involved.

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